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Our Clients

We are excited to partner with VIZZIO in realising the future of Smart Stations by combining SBS Transit Rail’s deep operations and maintenance capabilities and VIZZIO’s 3D modelling capabilities. One key thrust is the integration of VIZZIO’s AI-based 3D modelling technology with live-video feed, coupled with video analytics, to create an immersive, intelligent and interactive experience to enhance safety, security, operations management and customer experience. Examples include 3D Live Virtual-Patrol and 3D Way-Finding solutions. With both companies espousing innovation, customer-focus and agile solutioning, we have found a like-minded partner in VIZZIO, led by Jon Lee and his dynamic team, and are confident that VIZZIO will deliver as promised.

Jeffrey Sim
Group CEO
SBS Transit

VIZZIO's 3D platform can be adopted to showcase new infrastrucure developments in a quick manner. Through the use of satellite imagery, the team was able to place the proposed development into a realistic surrounding; allowing for better appreciation by the users. The team at VIZZIO are professional, forthcoming and dedicated in their suggestions/inputs to meet the needs of the project. We are happy to work with VIZZIO and looking forward to more opportunities ahead. Thank you.

Tan Tze Leng
Director, Building & Infrastructure

The 3D platform is an innovative way to bring our Wellness Centre to visitors in a realistic and convenient way. It meets our requirements to create a virtual interactive tour where we could showcase our Centre’s features and provide visitors with a realistic experience. The project team at Vizzio is professional and helpful in providing solutions to meet our requirements.

LOKE Wai Leong
Course Manager, Wellness & Retail Services, School of Business & Services
ITE College East, School of Business & Services

We engaged VIZZIO to create a proof-of-concept digital twin of HTA which they did it promptly without the need for drones or LIDAR-mounted vehicles. VIZZIO’s AI-based City Modelling technology called “EARTH ENGINE” are the brains behind a vast open world and semantic 3D map of Singapore. It is built entirely using satellite imagery and A.I. We understand that EARTH ENGINE can identify different buildings look from above, even in suboptimal lighting and incomplete imagery. The machine learning system they have also can extrapolate from imperfect outlines by considering the neighborhood (residential versus commercial), roof type (slanted versus flat) and other factors like the presence of air conditioning units and so on. Using all this, it creates a plausible 3D reconstruction of the building and entire cities. We are pleased with the product produced so far and looking forward to exploring a full-scale capabilities application in the Academy which will benefits our personnel, participants and all visitors. Thank you to VIZZIO Team for delivering an impressive product.

Mr Anwar Abdullah
Chief Executive Officer
Home Team Academy

VIZZIO deployed only one person and delivered the 3D digital twin model of our facility (91,000 sqft x 7 levels) within 5 hours. This also included a massive interactive 3D model of the entire Singapore covering 724.2 square kilometer, with ultra-smooth 60 FPS animation. This has never been done before with such speed and precision. VIZZIO then proceeded to integrate the live 360 CCTV camera footages, stitched into the 3D digital twin model and also (as a proof of concept) integrated existing and new CCTV images, data from a Surbana Jurong platform externally and IoT sensors into the digital twin model. the entire project was completed within a month. We are very pleased with the outcome of the POC and will be looking forward to more excellent work together with VIZZIO.

Alfred Fox
Executive Director/CEO

Scanning of 40,000 sqft took only 2 days with the deployment of one scanner managed by one person from VIZZIO. The digital twin model further took about 2 days to be computed by Vizzio’s A.I. Integration of 4 live CCTV cameras and some IoT sensors took another 1 week. SATS would rate VIZZIO a VERY GOOD COMPANY in terms of the technology, 3D modelling and visualisation and the speed of their deployment and implementation. They have committed people that will do more than they are required.

Donald Lum
Senior Vice President
Technology at SATS Ltd.

Thanks to VIZZIO for the tremendous effort for their delivery of our 3D virtual store immersive online experience. Our vision for BazaarRia is to re-invent the way e-commerce stores interact with their shoppers and transform the way customers browse on-line. VIZZIO took up that challenge and completed the scanning of 10 stores island-wide in under a few hours. They also produced a LIVE video stream captured in the stores and stitched it in REAL-TIME inside the 3D virtual space. We have never seen anything like it anywhere on the web. This patent-protected "LIVE DIGITAL TWIN" technology is truly mind-blowing. We are pleased to have incorporated VIZZIO's technologies and look forward to working closely with VIZZIO again to further develop and expand our 3D e-commerce footprint.

Abu Bakar Mohd Nor
InfoFabrica Holdings Pte. Ltd.

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